Village of Dunsford, Devon

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Farming Matters

The Parish of Dunsford is very much a farming community. In the Tithe Register of 1837 Dunsford is shown as comprising 4500 acres (1822 hectares) of land made up as follows:

Arable 2250 acres (911 hectares)

Meadow & Pasture 400 acres (162 hectares)

Woodland 350 acres (142 hectares)

Orchard 300 acres (121 hectares)

Furze (gorse) & Wasteland 1200 acres (486 hectares)

Eighty farms existed at that time, of which some five farmhouses were located within the village itself. Only ?? of these five farmhouse buildings exist now none of which are "farmhouses" but have been converted to private residences.

Due to amalgamation and rationalisation the number of independent farms has been dramatically reduced. There are probably in the order of 38 farmhouses existing now not all of which will be independent of one another. However, it is unlikely that the amount of 4500 acres of "farming" land that existed in 1837 will have reduced significantly as there has been no large scale "urban" building in Dunsford. New houses have, in the main, been confined to a large (by Dunsford standards) estate at Brownings Mead and a few infill sites here and there

How the farmland now is farmed ie. Arable, Meadow & Pasture etc. would be interesting to know.