Village of Dunsford, Devon

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Bell Ringing


The Bells
St Mary’s Church has a ring of six bells. Originally cast by John Pennington of
Exeter in 1785, they were removed and recast in 1978. A new frame was installed
which was mounted 5 metres (16feet) lower in the tower. They are now regarded by
many as one of the finest rings of six bells in Devon.

The Bell Ringers
Currently there eight bell ringers to call upon for Sunday by Sunday ringing for
Church services. There is always a need for more trainee ringers – any one between
the age of ten and seventy years are welcome to come along and experience for
themselves the challenge of bell ringing.
A whole range of abilities are accommodated - from novices who have yet to ring for
their first Sunday service right through to those who want to experience the cut and
thrust of call change bell ringing competitions which take place during most
Saturdays from April to November each year.
St Mary’s Church bells are fitted with a sound simulator whereby we can practice
with the bells ringing very quietly (muffled) and the sound of the ringing bells
generated by a computer in the ringing room. An infra-red reader on each bell
enables the accuracy of the striking bell to be replicated exactly as if it were ringing
‘live’ ringing. It can also be used to assess the degree of accuracy of striking that the
ringer is producing.
Practice night is every Friday from 7.30pm to 9.00pm. Sunday ringing times are
dictated by the times of the Church Services.
All visitors will be given a warm welcome.