Village of Dunsford, Devon

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This page is available for anyone who wishes to advertise any village events or update any useful information about our community.

send any text or pictures to Karen Morris: and I will update the website as soon as possible.


Please could you take a few minutes to complete this National Rural Crime Survey 2018?

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Councillor Vacancy for Dunsford Parish Council

The Parish Council has a vacancy for a councillor due to the resignation of Cllr MacEacharn. The Council would like to thank her for her time on the Council.

There has been no request from the Parish for an election, so the Council is free to co-opt a new member.

If you are over 18 years old, live in Dunsford and are interested in joining the Parish Council, please contact the Clerk on 01392 811236 or by email by Friday 1st June 2018


Recycling advice from Devon County Council

What do you do with lids, tops and caps? If you find yourself asking “Are they recyclable?”,“Which bin do they go in?” and “Am I doing it right?” then read on.  These common questions now have a simple answer – YES! They are all recyclable! Simplygive the  bottle or jar a rinse, squash plastic bottles, put the top back on and recycle as you normally would – even if it’s a metal lid on a glass jar.

Many people still remember the early days of recycling when plastic lids caused a problem due to being a different kind of plastic or being heavily dyed. Thankfully, technology has
improved over the years and we no longer have this problem. Hurrah! In fact, the recycling industry preference is now for lids to remain attached to bottles and jars.  Lids and caps are small and light, so attaching them to larger items keeps them contained during the collection and sorting process and prevents them from jamming machinery. It also helps keep plastic bottles squashed, so reduces volume and creates more space in your recycling bin, bag or box and on the recycling collection vehicle. All in all, keeping your top on gets a big thumbs up all round and helps maintain Devon’s 55.7% recycling rate.

So, what happens to plastic bottles with lids? Plastics are shredded, cleaned and passed through a Sink-Float tank which separates different types of plastic by density. HDPE plastic, such as lids and caps, will float whereas PET plastic, such as bottles, will sink. So simple, but very effective! The different plastics are then sold on to manufacturers who turn the plastic shreds into new products, such as garden furniture, fencing, polyester clothing and even new bottles.

And glass jars? Similarly to plastic, glass is crushed and cleaned before it passes through a process to remove any plastic or metal lids and collars. Plastic and metal is recycled into new products and glass is recycled into new bottles and jars.



Would you like to be considered to join the Dunsford Parish Council?


NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, pursuant to Section 87(2) of the Local Government Act 1972, that a vacancy exists in the office of Councillor for the Parish of Dunsford, and that unless ten or more electors of the electoral area have, on or before the 13th April 2018, submitted a request in writing to the Proper Officer, Forde House Brunel Road, Newton Abbot TQ12 4XX that an election be held to fill the vacancy, the Parish Council will take steps to fill the said vacancy by co-option.

Signed   Lynne Ogden (Clerk to the Council)        Date: 22/03/2018

The Chagford Singers Spring Concert
Faure’s Requiem and Haydn’s Nelson Mass
24th March at 7.30pm
St Michael’s Church, Chagford
Conductor Tim Pithers
Accompanist Shaun Brown
£10 on the door or Sally’s newsagents


For anyone who is interested in what they are doing at the top of six mile hill while the road was closed, here are some photos sent to me by one of my shop customers.


Dusnford 2017 Pantomine: "Beauty and the Beast", written and directed by Ilona Lapka.

Dates for Pantomime this year are Saturday 7th January to Saturday 14th January 2017.

The evening performances will start at 7.45 and on each of the Saturdays there will also be a Matinee performance starting at 2.30.

The story is based on the original  1740 French fairytale with a hint of the modern Disney and more than a pinch of the writers own imagination!

Tickets will be available from 1st December priced at £5 and £6 from our Box office
01647 252924


Birthday Party for the Queen, 23rd April 2016

Thank you to everyone who attended a very successful Birthday Party for the Queen. It was enjoyed by over 70 people on saturday 23rd April. And a big thank you to all those who helped to plan it and worked hard on the day to make it all happen.

Everyone was very generous with donations and the raffle and we made £100 profit on the day. Please let Karen know in the shop if you have any ideas for what to spend it on. Two ideas are to start the fund for the defibrulator or towards planting for the village centre.

90th Birthday Party For the Queen

Dunsford Village Hall

Saturday 23rd April 2.30pm