Village of Dunsford, Devon

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Parish Council

The details and results of the 2019 Parish Council Election are available at the end of this page. 

1. Parish clerk contact details

The Clerk of Dunsford Parish Council is Lynne Ogden.  Lynne can be contacted via email at


2. Review of formal documents

The Parish Council are currently reviewing their Standing Orders and associated documents.  The following documents are under review and, when signed off, shall be made publicly available on this website:

Document Download link Date adopted
Standing Orders December 2018
Financial Regulations June 2019
Risk Assessment December 2018
Disciplinary Procedure and Grievance Policy March 2019
Freedom of Information March 2019
Privacy Notice December 2018
Expenses Policy July 2018
Media Policy July 2018
Equal Opportunities Policy July 2018

3. Council Structure

The Parish Council is made up of 9 Councillors:

Councillor Paul French (Chairman) 01647 252721 Southwood House, EX6 7HE
Councillor Karen Morris (Vice-Chairman)
01647 252375 2 Bridge Street, EX6 7DB
Councillor Pip Hayes 01647 252881 Briton Bank, EX6 7HA
Councillor Charlie Radclyffe 07782 385587
Sowton Mill, EX6 7JN
Councillor Claire Heard 01647 252251 Doone Cottage, EX6 7HA
Councillor Duncan Matthews 07769 325061
Foxhole, EX6 7AA
Councillor Hannah Phipps 01647 253 611 Meadow Oak, EX6 7DB
Councillor Andrew Smallridge
01647 252 041 The Old Forge, EX6 7DE
Councillor David Gardner 01647 252 685 Riverside, EX6 7SB
Clerk Lynne Ogden 01392 811 236 Moorview, EX6 7SB

The Councillors are elected for a 4 year term and the Chairman and Vice-Chairman are elected each May for a one year term.  The current Chairman and Vice-Chairman were both elected into those positions in May 2019.

The Parish Council welcome Hannah Phipps, Andrew Smallridge and David Gardner onto the council from May 2019.

The current number of voters on the Dunsford electoral roll is 538.

All Councillors serve on a voluntary basis and attend the Parish Council meeting on the first Tuesday each month at 7:45 pm in the Village Hall Dressing Room. The meeting is open to the general public who have an opportunity to speak at the beginning or end of the meeting. Councillors also attend other meetings on behalf of the Council if it is thought to be relevant to Dunsford.

Notice of Meetings, including the Agenda, is posted in the Parish Council notice board adjacent to St Mary's Church. A copy of the minutes of each monthly meeting is posted at the following locations: St Mary's Church porch, the Village Post Office, The Royal Oak Public House and this website.


Current committees and representatives at other meetings

Parish Plan Steering Group (Housing and Infrastructure):  Led by Charlie Radclyffe with Hannah Phipps, Karen Morris, Paul French and Mark Harrison

Parish Plan Steering Group (Community Services and Connectivity): Led by Suzanne Cosgrave with Hannah Phipps Martin Sharland

Parish Plan Steering Group (Recreation and Environment): Led by Paul French, with Charlie Radclyffe, Janet Beech and Martin Sharland with assistance from Pip Hayes and Duncan Matthews

Finance: Cllrs Matthews and Radclyffe with the Clerk

Parish Council Website: Cllrs Radclyffe and Morris with the Clerk

Village Green: Karen Morris

Village Hall representative: Cllr Heard

Planning, Emergency Plans and snow warden: To be decided


2019 Parish Council Election

2019 Dunsford Parish Councillor Election Results