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Meeting Agenda


To download the previous Agenda or Minutes please go to the Dunsford Parish Council Minutes page:



Clerk to the Council: Lynne Ogden, Moorview, EX67SB. 01392 811236

To all members of Dunsford Parish Council       November 2019

You are summonsed to attend a meeting of the Parish Council at the Village hall Dressing Rooms on Tuesday 5th November 2019 at 7.45 pm

Democratic / Public Question Time: From 7.45 pm residents are invited to give their views and question the Parish Council on issues on this agenda or raise issues for future consideration at the discretion of the Chairman, before the start of the Parish Council meeting. Members of the public may not take part in the Parish Council meeting itself.



1.      Apologies To receive apologies and to approve reasons for absence.

2.    Declaration of Interest Register of Interests:

a. Councillors are reminded of the need to update their register of interests.

b. Councillors are reminded that they should not vote on any agenda items that relate to the financial interest of a relative, close friend or associate and that, in this case, they can only speak on the matter when members of the public are also allowed to.

3.       Minutes of the meeting held on October 1st, 2019 –  to consider the approval of the minutes of the last meeting of the Council and Chairman to sign.

4.      Progress reports

4.1  Action Points from last meeting- to update the Council & note those not completed

4.2  Clerk’s report – as attached

4.3  Village signage- Ongoing – Clerk to update.

4.4  Village noticeboards – the Clerk and Maurice Sharland are meeting with Tom Lines on Monday 11th November to begin the work on updating the main noticeboards.  Cllr French has suggested labels to be put on the unlocked noticeboards.(attached)

4.5  A Dunsford Book – ongoing – Cllr Hayes to update + request for upfront funding

4.6  Snow warden – ongoing – Cllr Heard

4.7  Village dog bin- Cllrs Morris, Radclyffe and Smallridge and the Clerk, met with Steve Rammage of Teignbridge re the options available and will feed back to the Council on agenda item 12.

5.      Correspondence: - List of correspondence received by email listed overleaf


6.       Finance

6.1.C/A   £4595.69 as at 16/09/19         BBI/A   £1824.46 as at 09/09/19

To resolve to pay the following invoices: -

6.2 Clerk’s Salary – 5 weeks x 10 hours a week - Gross pay   £528.50   Net pay to Clerk £422.90 (Tax to HMRC £105.60 to be paid in Q3) + expenses of £66.24   Total to Clerk - £489.14                                                                                                                                                  

6.3 Budget – continued discussion eg. next year’s projects requiring funding

6.4 Grant for assistance with maintenance of Church grounds – To be discussed


7.Village Green Report  (Cllr Morris)

8.DNPA, District and County Councillors’ reports

9. Planning:


9.1 DNPA 0473/19 Springfield Dunsford - Erection of two storey extension, new garage and landscaping

9.2 Teignbridge 19/01916 - Change of use to include stud farm and agriculture Moorview House, Dunsford.

9.3 DNPA 0474/19 Construction of horse exercise area St Nicholas, Dunsford

Decisions 9.4  – None


10. Housing Survey- The Parish Plan sub committee (Housing and Infrastructure)  to inform the Council about the meeting on Monday 21st October with Janice Alexander, DNP and Teignbridge.

11. Speeding in the Village – To discuss information gathered by Cllrs Smallridge, Gardner and the Clerk

12. Dog bins – Feedback from Cllrs Radclyffe, Morris and Smallridge. The Council to discuss the options and decide on the way forward for the arrangement of dog bins in the area. i.e. existing bins in Village and at Step’s Bridge and the possibility of a  bin at Blackhole. (Clifford end of the reserve)


13. Training/Meetings   Attended by Council this month: –

4/10/19 Highways Conference – The Clerk 

17/10/19 Introduction to VAT – The Clerk 

21/10/19 Parish Plan Sub committee (Housing + Infrastructure) – Cllrs French, Morris and Radclyffe

23/10/19 DALC AGM and Conference – Cllr Radclyffe and the Clerk

Training /Meetings Available:

21/11/19 – Training/PlanningCllrs Radclyffe, Heard and Matthews booked on this course


14. Management of verges – Plantlife brochure available for information – to introduce the subject and its possible relevance to Dunsford and for further discussion at a future meeting. Also see

15. Lengthsman for Dunsford – to revisit the discussion of possibly employing a lengthsman for the Parish.

16. Matters brought forward by the Chairman (for information only /possible addition to next month’s agenda)

17.  Date of next meeting     Tuesday December 3rd 2019   at the Village Hall Dressing Rooms, Dunsford, at 7.45 pm  

Signed     Lynne Ogden     Clerk to Dunsford Parish Council  31st October,2019

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