Village of Dunsford, Devon

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Meeting Agenda



To download the previous Agenda or Minutes please go to the Dunsford Parish Council Minutes page:


The next meeting is on 1st May 2018 and will consist of the Annual Meeting, immediately followed by the May Meeting.

The 125 th ANNUAL PARISH MEETING will be held in the Village Hall Dressing Room, Dunsford on Tuesday 1 st May at 7.30pm.  This will be followed by the Annual Council Meeting.
1. Apologies
2. Minutes
3. Chairman’s report
4. Acorn Report
5. Cranbrook Charity Report
6. Dunsford Community Academy Report
7. Parochial Church Council report
8. Smatter- No report but Guy Arnold will be present to answer questions.
9. Twinning Report
10. Village Green Report
11. Village Hall Report
12. County Council Report
13. District Council Report

Lynne Ogden
Dunsford Parish Clerk/RFO


You are requested to attend the Annual Council Meeting of the ParishCounc il at the Village Hall Dressing Rooms, Dunsford, on Tuesday 1 ST May2018, following the Annual Parish meeting at 7.30pm
1. Election of Chairman
a) Invite nominations and elect a Chairman for the year
b) Receive the Declaration of Acceptance of Office by the Chairman
2. Election of Vice Chairman
3. Appointment/conformation of signatories for cheque payments.
4. To appoint or re-appoint Cllrs to appropriate committees

Commencement of Council Meeting
5. Apologies
6. Public Discussion
An opportunity for members of the public to make representations, answerquestions and give evidence in respect of any item of business on the agenda. Theperiod designated for public participation shall not exceed 4 minutes. (Standing Orders 14). A reminder that members of the public are not allowed to raise issues when Council is in committee.
7. Declaration of interest. In accordance with the Code of Conduct, members are invited to declare any personal or disclosable pecuniary interests, including the nature and extent of such interests they may have, in items to be considered at this meeting. Members are also reminded that any change to their Declaration of Interests must be notified to the Monitoring Officer at Teignbridge District Council within 28 days of the change.
8. Minutes
9. Progress Reports
9.1 Grit Bin at bottom of Kelland Hill
9.2 Notice boards
9.3 Clerk’s report
9.4 To consider and sign a contract for maintenance work on Village green.
9.5 Three Parish Meeting

10. Correspondence
The following had all been sent electronically to all councillors:
Teignbridge District Council weekly list of application for planning
Rural Services Network weekly email
Dunsford Rural skip info
Keep your top on- Recycle Devon Info
Consultation- Greater Horseshoe Bat Planning Document
DALC newsletter
Devon and Cornwall Police - change of personnel
Devon and Cornwall Police – safety poster regarding theft from vehicles and rural
Crime Survey info.
A letter has been received to confirm that Dunsford’s DNPA Parish Council Link
Member is Mr Peter Harper 01647 253203
11. Finances
Expenditure/ Income
Invoices to be paid
1.Clerk’s salary- 4 weeks-28 hours £262.92(gross pay) (£210.32 net to clerk, £52.60 tax)
2.Net World sports for goal post- £399.99
3.Zurich DPC Insurance Policy- £608.53
4. Plantscape for Grit bin on Kelland Hill- £110+vat £22= £132 (if delivered before meeting)
12. Bank Reconciliation and Statement
13. Internal Audit Completed by P. Clapham (see attached report)
14. Exemption Certificate To resolve to apply for exemption Certificate
15. Annual Governance Statement To be read by the Clerk and signed and minuted
16. Annual Accounting Statement To be signed by the Chairman and RFO
17. Council to consider the publication of draft minutes after each meeting.
18. Planning decisions
18.1 Bigport Farm 0061/18 DNPA -Grant of conditional Planning Permission
18.2 Bellever 0083/18 DNPA- Refusal of Planning permission
19. Matters brought forward by the Chairman (for information only)
20. Date of next meeting 5 th June 2018

Signed Lynne Ogden Clerk/RFO to Dunsford Parish Council 24/4/ 2018