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Meeting Agenda


To download the previous Agenda or Minutes please go to the Dunsford Parish Council Minutes page:



Clerk to the Council: Lynne Ogden, Moorview, EX67SB. 01392 811236

To all members of Dunsford Parish Council    August 2020

You are summonsed to attend a meeting of the Parish Council at the Village Green on Tuesday 4th August 2020 at 7.45 pm. Please bring your own chair. In the event of bad weather, a meeting will be held via Zoom. The final decision on where will be taken by 12 noon on the day, so check your emails after this.

Democratic / Public Question Time: Members of the public are invited to attend this meeting remotely but will need to contact the Clerk in advance so that an invitation and link can be sent, incase of poor weather.

AGENDA (restricted)               

1.     Declaration of Interest Register of Interests:

a. Councillors are reminded of the need to update their register of interests.

b. Councillors are reminded that they should not vote on any agenda items that relate to the financial interest of a relative, close friend or associate and that, in this case, they can only speak on the matter when members of the public are also allowed to.

2.       Minutes of the meeting held on July 7th, 2020 – to consider the approval of the minutes of the last meeting of the Council and Chairman.

3.      Progress reports (on items not covered elsewhere on the agenda)

3.1  Action Points from last meeting- to update the Council & note those not completed

3.2  Clerk’s report –  as attached

3.3  Housing survey/Affordable Houses project – Updates plus discussion on the organisation of a public meeting for the future.          Cllrs French/Radclyffe

3.4  Reports from other councillors/ representatives

4.      Correspondence: - List of correspondence received by email listed overleaf

5.       Finance     5.1.C/A   £8309.27 as at 23/06/2020  BBI/A   £1825.15 as at /06/20

To resolve to pay the following invoices which are attached for your information: -   

5.2 Clerk’s Salary – 4 weeks x 10 hours a week - Gross pay   £422.80 Net pay to Clerk £338.40 (Tax to HMRC £84.40 to be paid in Q2) + expenses of £102.74 (includes purchase of awards)       Total to Clerk - £441.14 

5.3 Elliott Fairs for Lengsthman work undertaken - £100  

5.4 Teignbridge District Council – Emptying of dog bin at Steps Bridge in advance for April 2020 – March 2021 - £531.60

5.5 Devon Communities Together Membership - £50

5.6 Society of Local council Clerks memebership - £109

5.7 Cllr Smallridge for work undertaken by Will Robson to dig out Butt’s pond- £20

5.8 Presentation and signing of Reconciliation for Quarter 1

       6. Village Green – update                                                                                             Cllr Morris

       7. Planning: - Applications 7.1 – None        Decisions 7.2- Teignbridge 20/01070/AGR – Langley Farm – Prior Approval not Required.

       8.  Lengthsman for Dunsford – feedback from second trial month and possibility of getting a Community Enhancing grant from Devon County Council - Cllrs Matthews, Smallridge, Gardner and Clerk

       9. Covid 19 support from Council – update and assign tasks, as needed.    Cllr Heard

      10.  Signage for Village  -Cllrs French and Morris made the presentations, on 15th July, to the three students whose posters were chosen. A bouqet was also presented to the Head Teacher, as she is leaving this Summer. The Council now need to turn the posters into road signs, with the agreement of Devon Highways. The Clerk is beginning to collect information for quotes.                                                                                                                                  Clerk

      11. Footpath inspection update.                                                                                  Cllr Hayes

      12. Campsite problems at the Old Barn – Council to discuss any problems being caused

      13. The Local Electricity Bill’s Reintroduction – The Council to discuss the email from Steve Shaw that was forwarded to Cllrs on 17th July and it’s relevance to Dunsford.

      14. Matters brought forward by the Chairman (for information only /possible addition to next month’s agenda)

      15.  Date of next meeting   Tuesday September 1st 2020  

      16. The Council to resolve to go into Part Two meeting to discuss item 17, the reason being, it is an employment matter and is confidential.

      17. To discuss the Clerk’s pay review and note any comments relating to Clerk’s appraisal. (Clerk to leave meeting and Chairman to nominate Cllr to take minutes of decisions) 

   Signed     Lynne Ogden                      Clerk to Dunsford Parish Council  30th July, 2020



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