Village of Dunsford, Devon

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Be prepared


"Don't be scared be well prepared" is a very useful leaflet full of advice to follow in case of emergency it is produced by Local Resilience Forum and is available from Devon County Council. You can veiw a copy online if you follow this link


It lists the following numbers that may be useful in case of emergency:

NHS Direct (for medical advice)   0845 4647
Flu Information Line 0800 1513 513
Environment Agency Flood-line 0845 988 1188
Non-emergency Police enquiries 08452 777 444
Power Cuts 0800 365 900
Water Leaks (Non Domestic) 0800 169 1144
Highways Agency Information Line 08457 50 40 30
Crime Stoppers 0800 555 111

For further advice on safety and emergency issues follow this link